Sunny Gold Brown Sugar 1kg


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Sunny Gold Brown Sugar is obtained from natural unrefined pure cane sugar enriched with molasses. This type of sugar is good for everyday use and  will keep you naturally healthier. Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown color and caramelized taste due to the presence of molasses. 

It is either an unrefined or partially refined soft sugar.  Great for baking and general use. Because molasses is water absorbent, brown sugar and the baked goods made with it retain moisture well. Brown sugar also contains a slightly higher mineral content than regular refined white sugar due to the presence of molasses Miller’s light golden brown sugar is processed the natural way completely free from any chemicals like phosphoric acid ,preservative or any bleaching agents. 

It is a health -friendly and chemical free sugar made from cane sugar, molasses and honey. Miller’s  light golden brown sugar is also nutritionally  rich and retains all natural minerals and vitamins present in sugar cane juice. It is also fortified with vitamin A

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Key Features
Volume: 1kg
Natural unrefined pure cane sugar 
Keeps you naturally healthier
Enriched with molasses
It has natural sweetness

Color: N/A

Main Material: N/A

Weight (kg): 1


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