A Guide to Entrepreneurship in Business : From Zero to One

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So, if you are thinking of … Challenging some myths about entrepreneurship and creating wealth Getting out of the rat race and retiring earlier than in employment Starting or growing a business around your passion to gain financial freedom Financing your business idea, using well tested and established lines of finance Developing deep knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship Writing your assignments and/or studying for your entrepreneurship exams Then, read this handbook to: Learn about some of the myths of entrepreneurship Understand the term entrepreneurship and its importance Understand different typology of entrepreneurship ventures and/or businesses Understand the mindset of an entrepreneur and how you can develop your mindset Understand the key elements in launching a successful entrepreneurial venture Learn how to identify, explore and exploit opportunities, including managing risks Learn about difference sources of finance for a new or growth-focused business ideas Learn how to develop a good business proposal to secure short and long-term funding Learn about what made the top ten (10) global entrepreneurs extremely successful Learn about what is making the top ten (10) young African entrepreneurs successful Write an essay on entrepreneurship and small/medium business management


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