About us

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TINA Store is an e-commerce company which is 100% owned and run by a team of young Sierra Leoneans who are dedicated in making shopping much more easier via a sophisticated and dedicated website and mobile app. The acronym TINA stands for Trusted, Instant, Nearer and Affordable. We sell products on behalf of both our local and international suppliers. Products sold on behalf of suppliers based in Sierra Leone are delivered within 24 hours of the order being placed whilst those sold on behalf of our international suppliers may take a bit longer (see various products for delivery times).

The team at TINA is made up of educated and well-informed individuals who have got a wealth of experience and qualifications in diverse fields of discipline ranging from; IT and Digital Systems, Business Administration, International Business Management, E-commerce Service, Mobile/electronics payment system, Telecommunication experts, Professionals in Sales and Marketing, Cybersecurity analysts, HRM Professionals etc.

We work as an integrated unit to ensure you get the best online shopping experience.

At TINA: You Shop! We Drop!


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a professional and trusted electronics shopping platform that will give both our suppliers and customers the comfort and confidence of buying and selling through the most robust technical infrastructure we have designed so far and also relying on the swiftest shipment and delivery service aimed at improving the shopping experience of our customers. As the trend of technology continues to improve, our dedicated team will continue to develop and adopt new and innovative business techniques which will give our customers the leisure to shop anywhere and at any time in the world. Upon building our empire, we are considering our various stakeholders as the Kings and Queens.

The TINA Vision

Our vision is to build a virtual retail network brand that will become the number one choice for consumers in the sub-region of West Africa and also compete with the leading e-commerce service providers in the world within the shortest period of time. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.